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Ethical Inventory of NeoTantra & Sexual Healing Schools



Shimmer Heart TantrikaยทMonday, January 7, 2019


Here’s an ethical inventory of NeoTantra Schools and related programs of sexual healing work:-Ipsalu Tantra: No reports of ethical violations -*

ISTA: Several reports of unethical behavior by Baba Dez and other teachers. Reports that ISTA is hugely problematic. Lots of stories on Tantra Not Trauma. Some teachers warn students against going to ISTA as there are multiple reports of student feeling pressured to sleep with teachers –


LoveJourney Tantra (Evalena Rose): No reports of ethical violations –

Sarasa Tantra (Caroline Carrington & Julia Tindall): In high Integrity with all ethical guidelines –

Learn Tantra (Tanja Diamond): No reports of ethical violations –

Skydancing Tantra (Margot Anand): No reports of ethical violations –

Ecstatic Living Institute (associated with Skydancing Tantra): I had one incidence with Logan Rose at ELI where he cancelled my workshop registration 1 day before the workshop started due to a lack of gender balance (I was travelling to the workshop by airplane). I found that this was unethical and not a good business practice. And, Lokita Carter was abrasive to me in one of her email responses to me about the matter –

Karuna Retreats (Amara Karuna): No reports of ethical violations –

Body Electric School (Joseph Kramer): No reports of ethical violations –

Institute of Sexological Bodywork: No reports of ethical violations –

Passionate Awakenings (David Imiri): A few reports of ethical violations. Someone stated here that David Imiri is full of spiritual bypassing and is bad news imo . He really traumatized quite a few women in Seattle where he was/is based -*

The New Tantra School: Many reports of unethical behavior and sexual misconduct -*

Agama Yoga (possibly NeoTantra): Many reports of unethical behavior and sexual misconduct -*

Hawaii Tantra Festival (Robert Silber): Many reports of unethical behavior and sexual misconduct -*

Nexxus: Got shut down in 2017 due to sexual misconduct –

OneTaste: Got shut down in 2017 due to several incidences of sexual misconduct-*

Source School of Tantra: Many reports of ethical violations involving emotional, verbal abuse and sexual misconduct by TJ Bartel and possibly Charles Muir and Koa Woods, etc. Leah Alchin Piper has yelled at many students in person, on the phone and via email (I got personally yelled at by her on the phone). Matt Piper (husband of Leah Piper) has verbally attacked, threatened and viciously bullied many people. Tanja Diamond almost had to call the Police on him for threatening her. Charles Muir has sent many derogatory comments and emails to many people coming forward and calling out TJ. Someone has stated that Charles Muir has reportedly raped three women I know some as far back as 21 years ago.-


Fred Burks (NeoTantra Teacher associated with Source Tantra & Evalena Rose): Unethical behavior in publicly attacking Caroline Carrington on FB, Silencing people who were responding to the post calling out Caroline by changing it to friends only and unfriending people who were voicing disagreement with him. He seems to support accountability and consequences for TJ Bartel; yet, at the same time advocating for compassion towards TJ at the expense of the victims and others negatively affected by TJ’s actions. Also he made an offensive comment at a LoveJourney Wknd in late 2017

Does anyone have any information about any other NeoTantra schools or programs for sexual healing not mentioned here?